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04,Feb, 2020

Collaborative Supply Chains 5

Dummy Two-thousand Canadians get killed every year and 10,000 are seriously injured in collisions involving a heavy truck. The fatal crash rate for large trucks is nearly double than that for all other vehicles, even on a per-distance-travelled basis.

Dummy Although there are legal limits to ensure hours of service (HOS) regulations compliance, most trucking companies don’t comply with the ELD mandate and cut corners for short-term gains, thereby not paying heed to the long-term losses that they might have to incur.

In Road Freight, the driving error can be seen as one of the major reasons that lead to an accident, putting driver’s life at risk and costing shippers’ significant losses in terms of freight and overall supply chain operations. According to a report, truck freight causes around $60 billion in damages and a significant social cost in the form of crashes, congestion and wear and tear on the road. Moreover, it leads to significant supply chain operations inefficiencies.

Hence, so many lives are affected just because these companies are focused only on making more profits by overutilizing human capabilities, by which there is a need for regulating the hours of service.

And if you, as a shipper, are working with a trucking company or a freight mover that does not comply with the Hours of Service regulations and ELD mandate already, you could be a reason to botch up the whole situation.

Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”…

So, as a strategic and socially responsible company, it is the responsibility of the carrier and the shipper to comply with the ELD Mandate and Hours of Service from early on in order to ensure legal, ethical and social soundness.

For all the shippers out there, it is time for you to contribute in all the ways that you can; it is time for you to stop partnering with the trucking or logistics companies who risk the lives of thousands of people by not complying with the ELD mandate and Hours of Service. LSI World has played its part and you as a shipper must do yours!

Do not withhold good . . . when it is in your power to do it!

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