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Making the Logistics Industry Efficient, Productive, and Human

LSI Logistix, top logistics service provider, is an asset-based premium transportation and warehousing solutions provider with the ability to respond to your just-in-time needs.
Our best-in-class facilities and structured model sets us apart on HOS compliance. We take utmost care of our drivers along the route through thoughtfully designed terminals situated at medial locations.

By driving innovation and automation at all levels of logistics management systems and processes, LSI Logistix delivers rapid and secure services to leverage your global supply chain aspirations. We blend technology and humanity perfectly to make sure our transportation processes address the pain points of our customers and employees.

LSI Logistix provides a wide range of flexible and scalable warehousing and distribution services across North America including co-warehousing solutions for e-commerce fulfillment, retail distribution and inventory overflow. Our warehousing and distribution management solutions facilitate inventory accuracy, minimize your operating costs, and give the attention and space your products require.

Our efficient cross docking solutions allow you to deliver your products to your customers in the fastest and most efficient manner with minimal handling and storage. It helps you reduce your transportation costs and restock your stores more frequently to meet consumer’s demand.

We have state of the art strategically located terminals that help us achieve up to 50 per cent reduction in operating costs, ensure optimum asset utilization, and facilitate rapid transit time. These well-planned terminals empower us to re-imagine your supply chain needs by reducing your working capital, preventing stock-outs, and lowering storage space charges.

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Partnering with LSI allows you to take advantage of our leading technology-based logistics solutions while enabling you to focus on your resources and core competencies.

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