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Helping You Optimize Your Supply Chain

LSI Connect links you with most suitable and reliable carriers to solve all your freight shipping problems. Our consultants and industry experts have the experience and skills necessary to provide you with instant, tailored logistics solutions based on the type and size of products that you want to ship.

LSI Connect also offers a digital supply chain marketplace to expand your capabilities as a shipper. We connect you with the most appropriate service providers for first and last mile, trucking and warehousing solutions.

This defines our integrated, multichannel approach to providing you with logistics management services for all your transportation and supply chain needs.

Our fleet outsourcing service shoulders all your fleet management responsibilities, while controlling costs, optimizing efficiency, and mitigating any risks. Our vertical specialists integrate human and technical capabilities effectively to ensure optimal fleet utilization based on your supply chain seasonal requirements.

We offer custom capacity solutions for shipments of all sizes by finding North America’s most reliable and high-quality transportation service providers.

We have a dedicated team of professionals specialized in handling all your last-minute shipments. Our vast network and strategic presence enable us to deliver your load much faster than industry average delivery times.

We have the best in class equipment and our expert team possesses strong knowledge about the transportation of perishable and frozen commodities, thus ensuring safe transportation of your temperature sensitive products.

We are fully compliant with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Act and Regulations, thereby ensuring public safety when handling and transporting dangerous goods by road, rail, water or air.

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Partnering with LSI allows you to take advantage of our leading technology-based logistics solutions while enabling you to focus on your resources and core competencies.

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