Two-thousand Canadians get killed every year and 10,000 are seriously injured in collisions involving a heavy truck. The fatal crash rate for large trucks is nearly double than that for all other vehicles, even on a per-distance-travelled basis. Who Is To Blame? Dummy Although there are legal limits to ensure hours of service (HOS) regulations […]



Canada’s biggest natural wealth – Oil Canada is among the developed countries that are “net exporters” of crude oil and gas and its oil rent comprises 4% of the GDP. Oil rent is the market value of the oil after deduction of its production cost. The largest reserves of this natural resource lie in Alberta, […]



Importance of logistics and transportation Freight haulage on trucks is central to the economy of Canada and spurt in online buying is having far-reaching impact on the operations of trucking companies. According to American Transportation Research Institute, rise of e-commerce is shortening the average length of the long haul, while increasing the average length of […]



Customer-centricity, the essence of business Legions of corporate leaders and marketing gurus have articulated their views on the importance of the customer. Sam Walton , the founder of Walmart, went to extent of calling the customer ‘the boss who can fire anyone in this company including the chairman by spending money elsewhere.” Peter Drucker, the […]



The evolution of freight down the ages Trucking keeps the civilization on the move. Trucks are the mechanized beasts of burden moving loads, making essentials reach their destination in time and keeping trade and commerce flow seamlessly. We wonder what necessity drove to invention of the wheel, the quintessential contrivance, on which the freight and […]



The heat is on Canada As the trade war between the US and China escalates, Canada is facing the heat despite the winter being unusually cold this year. Contrary to the prevalent belief that there was never a winner in a trade war; Canada is tasting the bitterness of this slugfest. There was always a […]



Before talking about the benefits of automation, we need to ask a question, Is the automation really needed? Let’s look at some factors. The need for a Transport Management System or a 3pl provider clearly depends on number of moves, volume and complexity involved in your business. Manual processes may lead to poor customer services […]