Employees Across North America


Years of Experience in Supply Chain


Satisfied Fortune Five Hundred Customers

Why LSI?

LSI World, Leading Logistics Company in Canada, USA, and Mexico, converges logistics, technology and human resources effectively through innovative logistics solutions.

Our supply chain features smart integration of end-consumer information, transport and warehouse to ensure transparency and completeness in service delivery. Our clients have experienced 98 percent service delivery across all parameters, much higher than the industry average.

By partnering with LSI World – a digital and humane supply chain group – you would enjoy cost reduction, reduced labor risks, on-time delivery, service optimization, and value-added supply chain services.


We utilize data and technology to drive efficiency, reduce risks, and optimize your supply chain operations.


We offer end-to-end visibility to keep your costs minimum and make your supply chain operations hassle-free.


We believe in collaboration of all our internal stakeholders to provide tailored and effective supply chain solutions.


We promote environment that provides work-life balance to our employees and dedication to our partners and customers.

Our Vision

Being the leading Logistics Company in Canada, USA, and Mexico, we offer our customers high-performance logistics solutions based on our innovative and reliable service.

Our vision is to embrace digitization with willingness, integrity and honesty with the goal to transform our business digitally, thereby redefining the North American logistics industry.

Our offerings are built on connected platform technologies and cloud to provide our consumers with a seamless experience that integrates real-time tracking capabilities, price transparency, ease of access and swift delivery.

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